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Unlocking iMovie '09 & '11

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The new iMovie '08 reminds me of a an old joke:
When I got married, everyone told me it would be the end of my troubles....I had no idea it was the front end!

And for better or for worse, Apple has released iMovie '08. Like most, I read the articles, watched the videos, and found myself really looking forward to the new iMovie. Then I installed it.

"Why can't I select a clip by clicking it? Hmm, that's weird."

"So how do I extend the song beyond the end of my video clip? What is going on here?"

"WHAT? No slo-mo, reverse, film aging? Where in the world did all of the video effects go?"

"GAH! I can't dip the sound on part of a video clip? This has to be a joke."

Sadly, it was no joke. Mine was one of the many voices that Yoda heard crying out in pain. What a bummer that iMovie '08 comes with such stripped down editing tools. First I was incredulous, then I was confused, then I just got angry. Slowly, as the feeling of betrayal by my beloved Apple, Inc. began to wear off (and as I got tired of crying into my pillow) I came to realize that adventuring into this new iMovie was at least worth the effort.

Setting out, I know for certain that some abilities are gone and no work around will bring them back. I am already learning, however, that with some tweaking, twisting, and pulling, I might be able to eek out a little more of the iMovie I have grown to love. Like a tiny baby Phoenix rising from its own ashes, this new iMovie might turn into an even better version of itself. And so here we are with a new blog and a new outlook on life (iLife, anyway). Please send me your insights, questions, and comments and get our little Phoenix back to full strength!

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  • John
    July 9, 2009 at 9:23 PM  

    I started reading your post, and liked it very much. But then I got to the part where you attribute a remark about many voices crying out in pain to Yoda, when it is Obi-Wan who makes the remark. You are a fool, as it turns out. There is no try.