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Feed on back!

Before we get started, there will be a tendency for a lot of griping in the comments. I am the first to defend the gripers. When I first started using iMovie '08, I felt like someone pulled the rug from under me. However, I doubt Apple software engineers will spend a lot of time reading this blog, so you need to speak so you can be heard!

iMovie Feedback Page

Go to the above link and pour your heart out. Tell them how you couldn't give your kid's soccer game the energy and excitement of the real thing all because you couldn't slow-mo the last minute score. They will listen. When slo-mo ends up in the next iMovie update, we all have you to thank.

2 comments: to “ Feed on back!

  • djmazza
    February 19, 2008 at 9:49 AM  

    i'm new at using imovie 08, so maybe it's just me, but i'm having a tough time figuring out how to insert any kind of transition (screen wipe) between clips or how to add slow motion. are these features available or do i need 3rd party software?

  • Anonymous
    July 1, 2008 at 8:13 PM  

    I'm having similar problems - i might just be slow, but i can't seem to figure out how to change the playback speed of clips(i need to do a time-lapse of about 20 minutes worth of footage, for example). Have you figured this particular one out yet?