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Just how bad is it?

Curiosity has gotten the best of me, so I made a petiton:


As I have commiserated and combated with others over this iMovie '08 brouhaha, I can't help asking myself,

"Just how bad is the iMovie '08 problem?"

This begs the question of how we measure the new iMovie. I thought we could compare it to iMovie HD, or maybe weigh great new features against needed missing ones. Then it occurred to me:

"iMovie '08 is only as good as people find it."

After all, this software was made for people. If people find it great, then it's great. If people find it worthless, then it's worthless. Unlike healthy eating and going to the dentist, the value of this thing really comes down to how much people like it.

Because online forums are too unreliable, I got all civic-minded and started an online petition. (Yes, I know this is only marginally better.) Although what I wrote in the petition was quite sincere, I mostly want to know just how many people really think iMovie '08 is a problem. Apple gets to read their user feedback, so I know Apple knows how bad it is. I think we should know too.

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